MotifLab Plugins

Name Type Description Author
AmiGO GO analysisAnalysisGene ontology term enrichment analysis by AmiGOKjetil Klepper
DTV Region SNP highlighterData Track VisualizerA Data Track Visualizer that allows SNPs to be highlighted on top of regionsKjetil Klepper
DTV Region ShapesData Track VisualizerA Data Track Visualizer that draws regions as various geometric shapesKjetil Klepper
Enhancer HighlighterToolHighlights enhancer regions that interact with the promoters of selected genesKjetil Klepper
FASTQData FormatFASTQ data format for DNA sequence reads with associated quality scoresKjetil Klepper
Gibbs Sampler DemoToolAn interactive, animated demonstration of the Gibbs Sampler motif discovery methodKjetil Klepper
Idiogram ViewerToolA tool to visualize the location of the current sequences superimposed on the organism's genomeKjetil Klepper
Motif Binding Matrix analysisAnalysisCounts the number of times each motif occurs in each sequence and presents the results in a 2D matrixKjetil Klepper
NeLS StorageData RepositoryAllows users to connect to NeLS Storage via MotifLabKjetil Klepper
Region DecoratorToolA visualization filter that colors, hides or decorates regions based on their propertiesKjetil Klepper
SNP HighlighterToolA tool to highlight regions in a selected track across all visible tracksKjetil Klepper
Smart BoardToolA tool that allows users to draw shapes on top of the visualization area to highlight features for presentationsKjetil Klepper