We have secured funding for further development of MotifLab and will continue to add new functionality. If there are some specific features you miss and would like to see incorporated into future versions of MotifLab, or if there is some external program that you would like MotifLab to support, don't hesitate to tell us using the suggestion form below. Please describe the requested functionality in as much detail as possible and include references to relevant literature or web sites where appropriate. If you want us to get in touch with you for further discussion, you must also include your e-mail address.

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Future plans

"Text Maps" data type for mapping motifs/modules/sequences to general (non-numeric) values 
"File data server" which can use a local file as a data source 
Support for "Gene Ontology" data 
Better support for CAGE data and alternative start sites 
Hyperlinks to sequence databases such as Ensembl, Gene Cards, HUGO, UniProt, etc. 
Automatic retrieval of orthologous sequences 
Include a tool which can be used to create and edit configuration files for external programs 
Support for performing motif/module discovery and scanning with Web Servers 
Support for external programs that use configuration files rather than command line arguments to specify their parameters 
Operations (or analyses) for clustering sequences and motifs (into Partitions) 
Word wrapping in the protocol editor
Statistical tests for calculating p-values when comparing distributions
Automatic 'liftover' of feature datasets from different genome builds
Ruler anchored at start of sequence
combine_regions with union, set subtraction or intersection