News and Notifications



New plugins

We kick off the new year with some new plugins for MotifLab (version 2).
  • Region Decorator – colors, hides or decorates regions based on their properties
  • Smart Board – allows you to draw shapes on top of the visualization panel
  • SNP Highlighter – highlights the location of SNPs (or other regions) across all tracks
  • Gibbs Sampler Demo – an animated demonstration of the Gibbs Sampler algorithm
To install these plugins, go to the "Configure" menu in MotifLab and select "Plugins".
Then press the "Add From Repository" button, select the plugin from the list and click "Install".


Bug Alert!

A serious bug was discovered in version 2 of MotifLab affecting the default map values produced by the "statistic" operation. The default values usually represent overall numbers across all sequences. E.g. for the "region count" statistic the default value is the total number of regions in all sequences, and for the "maximum value" statistic the default is the maximum across all sequences. However, these default values cannot be trusted. Values for individual sequences are not affected by the bug.

The problem has been resolved in version 2.0.-1, which was released immediately after the bug was discovered and fixed.


New motif collections

Several updated motif collections, including JASPAR, HOCOMOCO, HOMER and Cis-BP have been published in the resources section.


MotifLab web site is up again!

In the past few weeks, the MotifLab web site has been down due to hardware malfunction.
The site has now been relocated to a new server and all the functionality should be restored and work properly again.


Configuring BioMart services

MotifLab relies on BioMart web services to map gene names to their genomic locations, but the default BioMart server only returns gene coordinates for the latest genome build of an organism.
If you want to work with older genome builds or analyze genes from organisms not supported by BioMart, make sure you have configured the right archived BioMart service to use (or set up your own gene mapping file) as explained in this new tutorial


Bug Alert!

A serious bug was discovered in MotifLab v1.07 related to local caching of downloaded Region Dataset tracks. Read more