Smart Board

The Smart Board plugin enables users to draw various shapes on top of the Visualization panel to highlight features for presentations.
Selecting the Smart Board from the Tools menu will display its control panel next to the search box in the tool bar as shown in the image below. Unselect the Smart Board from the Tools menu to close the control panel again.

Opening the Smart Board tool will not immediately activate it. To activate the Smart Board you must press the "Activate" button in the control panel.

Controls when the Smart Board is deactivated
Controls when the Smart Board is activated

Once the Smart Board has been activated, you can select one of the shape tools in the control panel and start drawing within the Visualization area.

All drawn shapes are anchored relative to the top left corner of the Visualization area and not tied to a specific sequence window. This means that if you draw a shape on top of a sequence to highlight a certain feature and then change the viewport of that sequence (by panning or zooming), the drawn shape will not move with the sequence/feature but rather stay in the exact same location on the screen. However, if you move the Visualization area itself by scrolling the panel, the shapes will move with it.

Deactivating the Smart Board will erase all drawn shapes.

Smart Board controls

Activate button. Toggle this button to activate or deactivate the Smart Board
Draw free-hand shapes
Draw rectangles
Draw circles
Draw arrows
Eraser tool. You can erase a shape by clicking within its outer boundaries, or double-click on the Eraser tool button to erase all shapes.
Line style button. Press the button to select between two line styles (solid or dashed) in three different sizes.
Color selector. The button shows the currently selected color. Press the button to select a new color.