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 Last Update:
  September 27, 2017


Our ongoing research projects focus mainly on gene regulation, and are based on a combination of bioinformatic analysis and wetlab experiments. We work on both transcription factor-based and RNA-based gene regulation, as well as genome architecture.

We have also had some activity on protein structure, including homology modelling and rational ligand design. That area is currently not very active.

Important research areas:
- ncRNA-based regulation
- Transcription factor based regulation
- Genomic properties related to gene regulation

Project map:

Gene regulation
  • ncRNA-based regulation (Pål Sætrom)
    • ncRNAs - Regulatory mechanisms and interactions (FUGE project with Tom Becker, Boris Lenhard) (Takaya Saito) Read more
    • MicroRNAs and transcription factors in gene regulation and tissue specific expression (FUGE project) Read more
    • Short interfering RNA (siRNA) design
  • Transcription factor based regulation (Finn Drabløs)
    • Improved tools and strategies
      • Composite motif discovery (Geir Kjetil Sandve)
      • Iterative data set selection (Osman Abul)
      • Integrated framework for tools (Osman Abul)
      • Improved protocols for motif discovery (Bjørn Sponberg)
      • Hardware accelerated methods (with IDI)
  • Regulatory networks (Pritha Mahata)
Protein structure (Finn Drabløs)
HPC / user support (Jostein Johansen)
Bioinformatics & Gene Regulation
Department of Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Trondheim, Norway