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 Last Update:
  September 27, 2017

Single motif benchmark

Step 1: Register as a user and login.

Step 2: Download datasets. File contains 3 datasets: algorithm_markov, algorithm_real and model_real.datasets.tar.gz

Step 3: Run your method on the downloaded dataset. Prediction filenames must consist of the name of the sequence ending with _pred.txt.
Example: algorithm_markov/M00966_pred.txt

Step 4: Parse your results to our predefined result format.
Example: M00441_pred.txt

Step 5: Put your results from each run in predefined directories equal to datasets, i.e. algorithm_markov/sequencename_pred.txt

Step 6: Upload predictions. File should be a tar.gz,tar or zip-file with the dataset directories as top.

Step 7: Start using benchmark

For testing, download this file to be used in benchmark: testset.tar.gz

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