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  September 27, 2017

Oil reservoir sequencing data

Hans K. Kotlar, Anna Lewin, Jostein Johansen, Mimmi Throne-Holst, Thomas Haverkamp, Sidsel Markussen, Asgeir Winnberg, Philip Ringrose, Trine Aakvik, Einar Ryeng, Kjetill Jakobsen, Finn Drabløs, Svein Valla.
(2011)High coverage sequencing of DNA from microorganisms living in an oil reservoir 2.5 kilometres subsurface. Environmental Microbiology Reports 3(6), 674-681 (2011) DOI: 10.1111/j.1758-2229.2011.00279.x view article

Anna Lewin, Jostein Johansen, Alexander Wentzel, Hans Kristian Kotlar, Finn Drablos, Svein Valla.
(2013)The microbial communities in two apparently physically separated deep subsurface oil reservoirs show extensive DNA sequence similarities Environmental microbiology () view article

(2017)Lewin et al. (Paper submitted in Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology)

This page provides information about access to sequencing data described in the paper by Kotlar et al. (2011), Lewin et al. (2013) and Lewin et al. (2017)(submitted). In order to get access we kindly ask you to sign and return a declaration about data usage.

  • 1.Please download, print, fill in and sign the declaration (pdf).
  • 2.Scan the signed declaration and send it by email to alexander.wentzel@sintef.no
  • 3.After a short while (a few days) you should receive an email with instructions on how to access the data.

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