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Welcome to MotifLab

MotifLab is a general workbench for analysing regulatory sequence regions
and discovering transcription factor binding sites and cis-regulatory modules.

MotifLab can improve performance of binding site predictions by allowing users to integrate several motif discovery tools (including AlignAce, BioProspector, ChIPMunk, MEME, MotifSampler, Priority and Weeder) as well as different types of data, for instance phylogenetic conservation, epigenetic marks, DNase hypersensitive sites, ChIP-Seq data, positional binding preferences of transcription factors, TF-TF interactions, TF-expression and target gene expression.

Start MotifLab Stable version 1.08   (2014-02-06).    Requires Java 1.6+ with Web Start
Or try out the newest beta version 2.0.-1