Regulatory Genomics Special Interest Group (RegGenSIG)
Special Interest Group (SIG) at ISMB 2013
July 20, 2013, Berlin, Germany
In conjunction with The Twenty-first International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB)

The RegGenSIG meeting focuses on bioinformatics for regulatory genomics, fostering a collaborative community wherein scientists convene to discuss difficult research problems in computational regulatory genomics.


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07:30   Registration
08:30 5 min Welcome to SIG
Session Chair,
Jason Ernst
40 min Keynote Stein Aerts, University of Leuven, Belgium Motif-based identification of master regulators and direct TF-target interactions in human and Drosophila gene networks
  15 min Ivan Kulakovskiy, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia diChIPMunk: utilizing ChIP-Seq data to construct advanced dinucleotide models of transcription factor binding sites
  20 min Erik van Nimwegen, Basel University, Switzerland The transcription factors democracy: Completely automated inference of genome-wide regulatory interactions from sequencing data
  20 min Alan Moses, University of Toronto, Canada Systematic identification of conserved non-coding sequences in plants
10:15 30 min Morning Coffee Break
Session Chair,
Kathleen Marchal
15 min Sunil Kumar, Swiss Inst. for Exp. Cancer Research, Switzerland Predicting CTCF site occupancy using sequence and chromatin-associated features
  20 min Struan FA Grant, University of Pennsylvania, USA Following functional clues based on the genetic commonalities of diabetes and cancer
  15 min Anirban Bhar, Georg August University, Göttingen, Germany Revealing exclusive usage of T-BOX family paralogous transcription factors through identifying diversity in expression profiles during hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes generation
  15 min Felicia Ng, Cambridge Institute for Medical Research, UK Shared transcription factors contribute to stage-specific transcriptional programs during blood cell differentiation
  20 min Andrea Califano, Columbia University, USA Assembly and interrogation of tumor-specific regulatory models reveals master regulators of tumor maintenance and chemo¬≠sensitivity
  15 min Anna Lyubetskaya, Boston University, USA Reconstructing the regulatory network of TB: Transcription factor binding distribution and properties
12:30 60 min Lunch / Poster Session
Session Chair,
Struan Grant
40 min Keynote Ben Lehner, Centre for Genomic Regulation, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain The genetics of individuals: Why should a mutation kill me, but not you?
  15 min María Rodríguez Martínez, Columbia University, USA GWAS next generation: identifying mechanisms of action in association studies
  20 min Boris Lenhard, Imperial College London, UK Alternative and overlapping determinants of transcription start site selection in vertebrate promoters
  20 min Johannes Söding, Ludwig Maximillian University, Germany Drosophila Pol II core promoters cluster into four classes characterized by distinct sets of motifs, regulatory properties, and nucleosome patterning
  20 min Jason Ernst, UCLA, USA Interplay between chromatin state, regulatory binding, and regulatory motifs
15:30 30 min Afternoon Coffee Break / Posters
Session Chair,
Johannes Söding
20 min Bartek Wilczyński, University of Warsaw, Poland Predicting regulatory domain boundaries from chromatin immuno¬≠precipitation data
  15 min Guo-Cheng Yuan, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, USA Prediction of chromatin state variability from genomic sequence
  15 min Jan Hapala, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic Rotational positioning of regulatory elements within nucleosomes
  15 min Idit Kosti, Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel Does intragenic DNA methylation determine differential exon expression?
  15 min Christoph Kaleta, University of Jena, Germany Survival of the quickest — Identification of time-optimal regulatory strategies of metabolism in Escherichia coli
  15 min Lieven Verbeke, Ghent University, Belgium EPSILON: localized networks for eQTL prioritization
  15 min Sridhar Hannenhalli, University of Maryland, USA Enhancer networks — Hidden layer of gene regulation
  5 min Concluding remarks on SIG
18:00   SIG Ends

SIG Chairs:

SIG Organizing Committee:

RegGenSIG is an activity of the ISCB Special Interest Group for Regulatory Systems Genomics, (, a community of shared interest that has multiple activities and interactions throughout the year, rather than solely meeting during the ISMB conference. An important goal of the SIG is to foster a topically-focused collaborative community wherein scientists communicate with one another on research problems and/or opportunities in the area of computational biology as it pertains to regulatory and systems genomics. The SIG holds two meetings per year, (1) RegGenSIG and (2) The RECOMB Conference on Regulatory and Systems Genomics and DREAM Challenges (