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Regulatory genomics involves the study of the genomic "control system", which determines how, when and where to activate the "blueprint" encoded in the genome. Regulatory genomics is the topic of much research activity worldwide. Since computational methods are important in the study of gene regulation, the RegGenSIG meeting focuses on bioinformatics for regulatory genomics. An important goal of the meeting is to foster a collaborative community wherein scientists convene to solve difficult research problems in all areas of computational regulatory genomics.


RegGenSIG is an activity of the ISCB Special Interest Group for Regulatory Systems Genomics, a community of shared interest that has multiple activities and interactions throughout the year, rather than solely meeting during the ISMB conference. An important goal of the SIG is to foster a topically-focused collaborative community wherein scientists communicate with one another on research problems and/or opportunities in the area of computational biology as it pertains to regulatory and systems genomics. The SIG holds two meetings per year, (1) RegGenSIG and (2) The RECOMB/ISCB Conference on Regulatory and Systems Genomics and DREAM Challenges.



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